Grogg/Molochite additions

Having done a bit of research on the subject, generally porcelain is not suited for large-scale working (surprise, surprise) yet I really like its tactility and whiteness when it reaches its vitrification stage. However, the addition of 7% of fine molochite and/or 1% cellulose fibres should not change the nature of the porcelain but give it more strength.

Working at a large scale magnifies and increases the number of problems associated with strength, shrinkage and crack resistance during making and drying, and with tensions that clay goes through during the firing and cooling stages.

The addition of grog or molochite opens the structure of the clay body, enabling quicker drying and strength. This reduces its plasticity, so you may have to adapt your usual working methods. Once you use it, however, it may become your preferred clay to its greater tolerance levels.

These additions  will have high stoneware vitrification points because these additions  almost get in the way of the finer clay particles when melting and knitting together, which hopefully will prevent my porcelain from warping as much.

I have been experimenting with different groggs from different additions to the actual grinded clay like chrome and different oxides and also additions to molochite. The intentions is to hopefully not only use it as a strengthening method but use it as decoration, and with an effect how glaze is affected by that.

In addition, Alina kindly gave a little sample of Carib Sea Moon Sand and I can’t wait for the results.


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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