This term has been an immersive experience where I have been thrown a load of information for my Subject project. Although immersive, often i felt lost and overwhelmed  by the amount of information given as well as coming back from Korea and trying to juggle everything at the same time.

Choosing the extraordinary piece by Gordon Baldwin as my catalyst from the Ken Stradling Collection where there is high possibilities to explore where ceramics sits within the fine art spectrum and therefore experimenting with some ideas that I have previously touched upon, such as perception, defiance of functionality, states of being, relationships between action and drawing and within that reflecting on the theories of Taste and Cool and looking back at creative thinking and materiality where different approaches of making are made. Perhaps I need to use my sketchbook or even just simply working on large scale paper on drawings as a way of reflecting and recording ways in which I uses similar approaches of drawing and making.

Wanting to find out where ceramics sits on the fine art spectrum I want to explore more the juxtaposition between expressive sculptural work and functional work and if somehow these two different approaches of expression can inform me as to how ceramics fits within craft and fine art.craftintransition

Looking back at my Field module and how I could bring ideas around cultural differences and similarities and having the opportunity to invest these ideas with my technical project I managed to briefly look up at the possibilities of copper carbonate glazes and expose them to different atmosphere which in a way is a beautiful metaphor of cultural differences yet its similarities. Therefore I really need to invest in achieving these glazes next term looking at the different amounts of copper carbonate and other compounds.

Coming into next term, I still think there is room to be explorative in way of ideas but I really need to invest on some of these key elements I have been looking this term. Hopefully, all of these ideas will begin to dictate as to what type of practitioner I am which in all fairness is a bit scary and how not only will I explore how ceramics fits within the fine art spectrum but how do I fit within it.


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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