South Korea Day 11

Just realising today is our last day in Korea makes me a bit sad and just can’t believe how fast this experience has gone, but looking back we had such a great journey that I feel inspired to reflect and produce work in response to my global exploration and therefore acting locally, back home.

This morning I had my Formative Presentation at Kookmin University for which I was dreading as I am nerveous in general and usually not really good with audiences but doing these more often will hopefully boost my confidence. The presentation was a way of reflecting and pondering some questions to the rest of the group as well as Gareth and Jongjin. I was especially intrigued by why Korean crafts, especially ceramics so skilled?

Looking into traditional porcelain Celadons, to traditional production craft, towards everyday-ware and even work evolving self-expression, I began by exploring Kookmin University and viewing the amazing work of the students which just strengthened my perceived ideas as to why were Koreans so skilled.

Not being able to work alongside the students was a real shame as to view them working, however, viewing their work all out during the exhibition was as enriching. I was able to speak with some of the students and got to know some of their ideas. I was intrigued by a particular students when she said that west was more creative. But why? Their way of being taught is very much different  from the west.Firstly, I was intrigued as they don’t really look much at concept. They tend to concentrate more on aesthetics and functionality more than what the actual piece is all about. Another glimpse of the university just informed my thought by observing a professor going around giving advise as to how to improve their work aesthetically in which they spends so much more time in contrast with us back home, because much more is expected from them and therefore they need to put in the hours. Going to Yuhki Tanaka’s lecture just reenforced my views and gave me some ideas  as to why Koreans are o skilled. Their work is very much about based on commercial values, pricing, target markets, popular culture, small, cute, aesthetically pleasing, tableware. Something that is reflect around them within their culture and they have to catch up if they want to make it. But what is the difference between here and back in Britain? Firstly, Britain is a multicultural society for which communication and ideas are shared creating a loss of individualism and further, a different education and different environment is in effect on our ideologies and ways of seeing and therefore make us different. But does that mean we are more creative? Not necessarily. This all comes down to taste. What is being creative? What is good design? Artistic values? Is this cultural dived important?

Currently there are more questions than answer but something that I could potentially be exploring more when I get back and perhaps by speaking with the exchange students from Dong-A in Cardiff.

img_8426After our presentation we had a few hours to do what ever we wanted, so me being me, I went and done last-minute shopping for gifts and souvenirs plus a few bottles of Soju.

In the evening we headed to a local restaurant for our last meal before we headed to the airport, and I don’t know if it was because it was our last korean meal, but the food was simply divine, a bit spice but still fricking delicious.

Finally headed to the airport and headed back to Cardiff, for which im going to try to sleep as much as possible as I have Constellation tomorrow and can’t miss another session again. Cries very profoundly inside.


(Gomabseubnida – Thank You)


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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