South Korea Day 9

Still a bit hangover from yesterday’s eventful evening, we headed to Dong-A University for a lecture with Gareth to begin thinking about the whole idea around this not being a simple holiday but exploring ways how we could be a global explorer. The whole idea around this field module is to ¬†immerse myself into the creative life in South Korea and questioning, comparing, contrasting, thinking and acting on cultural differences, similarities, and opportunities that these experiences provoke within my subject area, ceramics. ¬†This included looking at theories as those of Banks, Brookes and Kitano’s Model.

Following our lecture with Gareth we were separated into two groups and either allocated into the k-pop group, were they sang and played guitar or the traditional folk music society, were I was put on and learned to play with some folk instruments.

We picked our instruments and Jess was make to use this traditional hat were you would dance with the rhythm of the music. Apparently it was suppose to be a stress-free session, however, I was far from stress-free. The students showed us how to play this rhythm, but I was simply not getting it and clearly one of the students was so frustrated for my lack of rhythm and had to put me aside to teach me, after God know how many attempts, and me having the most stressful experience of this trip if not my life. After some intense one to one I managed to get there and managed to play with the rest of the group in which he was super proud for what it seemed a never ending nightmare.img_8309Having a bit of time before getting the KTX back to Seoul, we visited the Dong-A University Museum which was established in 1959. As of 2007, its collection includes over 30,000 artifacts, among them 2 national treasures and 10 treasure.

Being told that Busan was a more conservative and perhaps more discriminatory than Seoul for it having less foreigners I thought our preconceptions were eradicated and he had an amazing time with the students which often younger generations tend to be less judgemental. Even tho we were introduced to a nice group of people and were surrounded by nice people it doesn’t mean all the population is not as nice but I think that goes everywhere else in the world. Although found the image bellow particularly funny.

China Town – Choryang shopping area for foreigners

Definitely one of the best experiences from the trip interacting with the students but it is time to say goodbye after an astonishing couple of days.


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