South Korea Day 8

Today we headed all the way to the southern part of the country, Busan. It is South Korea’s second largest city after Seoul, with a population of approximately 3.6 million. We were told that foreigners didn’t visit Busan as much and therefore to prepare ourselves to be looked at more. However, throughout the day I didn’t feel like being looked and really comfortable walking through the beautiful city.

Our aim was to visit Dong-A University were we would meet up with ALUMINI Eifion Davies from product design and meet his students. When we got to Dong-A we had a little introduction by Eifion about the university and the course that he was teaching, product design and with that, him being a foreign professor and its complication while teaching there. Although he has been living in Busan for around 5 years and speaking really good korean, he feels that students don’t look up to him as much as they do to Korean professors. And clearly him being a foreigner within Busan he had some experiences where they treat him differently for instance being kicked out from a restaurant for his origins. And people around him introducing or talking about him as a forgein friend/teacher.

After the talk with Eifion we were taken on a tour around the university and we were put into groups with some of his students. We were given a task looking into interaction with the city, but it was more of an opportunity with the students than anything else, as well as a great opportunity to make a bunch of Facebook friends.

We headed to our hotel to drop our bags and went for some lunch with our groups. The food was simply beautiful and a great opportunity to get to know all of them individually and add them on Instagram and Facebook hah.

After lunch we were taken on a tour around the city. We explored a bunch of shops which are pretty much the same, massive corporate capitalist businesses that you see around the globe. And in a way its a bit sad, taking Great Britain as an examples every little city looks pretty much the same with the same shops in their town centers, boots, marks &spencers, costa. There is not sence of individuality and I think that’s possibly a massive problem when it comes to multiculturalism.

Do British towns look too similar? – BBC Article

We also went to Busan Tower. Although not as big as N Tower in Seoul, nonetheless the views up there were really impressive and a great opportunity to see the famous port. Busan’s port is the largest in the country and the 5th biggest in the world.

Everyone met at Dong-A University’s Museum (yes they have their own museum which includes a few world heritages) and we took a photo before heading for an amazing evening meal with all the students and professors.img_8218The traditional Korean barbecue was just simply amazing, just the whole gatherness  was so nice and lets not start with the drinking games, definatly a night to remember.

It was a great opportunity to go to a Karaoke bar as it was something we wanted to do and it was amazing to do it with this bunch.


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