South Korea Day 3

Already on our 3rd day and feel I have seen and experienced so many new and different things within Korean culture. But today, I have a mixture of feelings, or should I say, I had different expectations of Kookmin University. Before coming here, I chatted with some of the students that came here last year and the feedback of their experience where astonishing. They had the opportunity to work alongside the Kookmin University students, and me valuing their skills and attention to detail has left me anticipating. In fact, some of the students that came here the previous year, spent most of their time working alongside the students and mastering their throwing skills and intriguingly experimenting with glass blowing. Of course, hearing such feedback had left me pondering  some expectations; however, once every three years they have during two weeks an exhibition with all students work and therefore, all the workshops were closed for the exhibitions to be held. So in a way it was a bittersweet experience, but nevertheless it was great to go throughout the building and appreciate such skills by the University students.img_7136This morning we met up with formal MA Ceramics Alumni, Jongjin Park which I actually previously met twice at Ceramics Art London. We headed to Kookmin University and were introduced to the Ceramic Professors which followed by the opening ceremony for the 15th exhibition at the University, so it was interesting seeing Gareth being part of the ceremony.

We were taken on a tour around the different exhibitions which apart from the demonstrating of beautiful craftmanship, art and design it gave us an insight into curation which could be potentially give us inspiration as to how to set up our degree shows. We saw some pretty interesting ideas which are innovative, interactive and intellectual with a right sensibility to the material and work being displayed, and this is very important aspect to engage the viewer with the art work.

Tomorrow we have an opportunity to come back to attend a lecture with Japanese ceramicist Yuhki Tanaka, in which it will give me an insight into how taught material is delivered within a different culture and see if there are any differences or similarities in comparison with our ways of being taught. It’s an opportunity to understand why are the skills of these makers so high and perhaps this might the grand observation needed.


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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