South Korea Day 1

Experiencing jet lag for the first time and writing this blog post it’s not that easy, but here it goes. Come along and follow my journey that will be document for the following 11 days. This field module is not simply a “holiday”, but a great opportunity to immerse myself into the creative life in South Korea and questioning, comparing, contrasting, thinking and acting on cultural differences, similarities and opportunities that these experiences provoke within my subject area, ceramics.img_6601Sunday 16th, we set off from the Llandaff campus at 2pm (uk time) heading to Cardiff International Airport to depart to Amsterdam at 17.15, landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol at 19.35 (local time). Having a quick break before we departed at 21.35 to our final destination, Seoul, South Korea. Having a restless 10 hour flight, no wonder why I’m so tired. Something that caught my eye on our KLM flight to Seoul was the flight safety video they showed us. It was a stop motion video using ceramics in a simple but innovative way, which got me super excited as to what was expecting me on the other side.

We landed today at 14.40 (Seoul time) and got to the Hyundai Residence a couple of hours later. On our way here we were astonish by the beautiful landscapes and the whole city vibe, which I can’t wait to explore more.

We just came back from a traditional Korean BBQ which was so good and long awaited. While I’m in South Korea, I insist in trying new traditional foods as a way of exploring their culture. It’s so warming (including the Soju) the hospitality of Korean people as they keep bringing you these extra dishes to complement your food, teaching us ways how to consume and interact with food in traditional manners. It was also lovely to sit down and get to know everyone, although I still don’t know most of their names haha.

Now I’m here in my bed still with the taste of kimshi in my mouth trying to conclude my first blog post of this trip. I am off to bed for some sleep as we got an early start tomorrow, 안녕히 주무세요.


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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