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Yeahp, can’t believe the end of this academic year is just around the corner. Basically, 1/3 of my degree is done and it just flown by; however, I feel I have accomplished so much in terms of skills, context and ideas and essentially my developed as an artist has grown.

Starting the first term we were bombarded with a load of information and introduced to a rigorous and immersive experience in a diverse spectrum of ceramic techniques, process and materials. From the potter’s wheel, hand building processes, plaster forming techniques as well as exploring clay and glaze. Not only these workshops were helpful, but also the alchemy Wednesdays with Duncan were essential to further understand materials and ways they affect one another. I would love to continue to have these session as I find them really helpful to acknowledge material that we use everyday in our practice. I find it completely daunting how a chemical is affected by other chemicals, in glazes, clay bodies, how its differentiates with different temperatures and kiln atmospheres. In addition to the workshops, we had a series of lectures, such as Techie Tuesdays and Into the Fold which were an insight to a wider context in ceramics.

Our Subject project, ‘There’s many a slip’ was basically  a challenge to produce cups utilizing and innovating within the processes we were exposed to demonstrate skill and creative innovation. Throughout the first term we received a wide spectrum of induction on ceramic materials processes and techniques all based around the themes and values of the cup for in which we were encouraged to consider the aesthetic, functional and ergonomic components. I found this an amazing opportunity especially to explore techniques and material and to be challenged from the start to bring innovation and to demonstrate and project my identity as a maker mediated through my experimentation, research and ambition.

I began this project by carefully considering the term beauty. What makes something beautiful? What do we perceive something to be beautiful? Does functionality come to a cost to that? So exploring these ideas, made me experiment with form and colour, which was interesting and all, but when attending some of my Constellation lectures such as, Image World, Invisible Cities, and studying semiotics and affordances has allowed me to contextualize my practice and further develop my practical work. In addition, my Field project, ‘Tea for Two’ has ignited some ideas surrounding identity and perception which I have recently been exploiting more. As a consequence, I have been looking at how we perceive visual culture, language and objects and ways they can be interpreted depended on many factors and its relationships. I would love to develop these ideas further, going into my second year of my degree by exploring relationships between 2D and 3D and how entwined they are. Is is about essence? How is functionality of the object affected by perception and interpretation?

Assuredly, a really succesful academic year on how I refined as an art student, by grabbing all the opportunities thrown at me, from exhibitions at the Craft in the Bay and Ikea to amazing and immersive workshops learing about materials and ceramic techniques. Not only was I able to research ceramic based techniques but also exploring other departments, which essentially profounds my experience at CSAD. I was also completely surprised how much Field and Constellation has affected the way I think, view and practice my work in Subject and can’t wait for what is to come next academic year.


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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