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Starting the second term of this academic year, we were introduced to the Field module, which was divided into separate parts, a cross-school collaboration concerned and themed around ‘Future Generations’ and an internal collaboration within Subject called ‘Tea for Two’ in which potentially could be an opportunity to be an individual response and further developed within Ceramics. The brief was to create a body of work, developed through evidenced collaboration in our own subject area and also across other disciplines, to further refined our personal responses. The purpose of the work was to explore and communicate ideas and concepts within the overall theme ‘Future Generations’.

We had a two-day conference  in which, day one we had the option to pick two lectures around the topic ‘Future Generations’, in which I picked both, ‘Into the Woods: Away From Screens’ and ‘Designing Sustainable Relationships with Future Generations through Objects’. Day two, we had the option of another two practical workshops exploring these themes and the challenges and delights of collaboration, in which I ended up picking both ‘Divining the future through masks and rituals’ and ‘Making a pop-up exhibition: Unloved’. Both days were really compressed and didn’t really know what to think of it; however, throughout the year I manage to pick up some key ideas presented and incorporate it in my Subject.

Additionally , we had two weeks with interdisciplinary staff from across School, working in interdisciplinary student groups. We explored collaborative methods and processes to invite and stimulate personal development by creating a video and a pitch for a crowdfunded project. In our collaborative teams we brainstormed ideas regarding the themes of Future Generations, identifying our own values and our skill set which was important to ensure we have a team well equipped to meet the challenge both creatively, and technically. At first I wasn’t too excited about this project as group work, lets say, is not my favourite thing; however, it ended up being an amazing project as I learned so much with the rest of the group and potentially can see what kickstarter can provide to artists.

Finally, the internal collaboration within Subject had an objective for us to research, explore and achieve common internal collaborative goals of interest, arrived from inspired interests ignited at the Future Generations conference. Just the project title, ‘Tea for Two’ alone, seemed pretty exciting to work on and then knowing I was working with Emily was great as our ideas connected beautifully, kinda. Our project was concerned around the ideas of identity and preferences in which we came up with a tea set for us two. Since that my own work has developed around those ideas surrounding perception and identity.

Let’s say this module had its ups and downs; however, I would rather concentrate on the highlights of this module. John Cleese (1991) said, “I always find that if two or more of us throw ideas backwards and forwards at each other, I get to more interesting and original places than I could ever have got to on my own.” It’s always great having someone there, especially in the beginning of a project to throw ideas at you, and then you can further develop those.

Having just received the list of the Level 5 Field Projects, I feel a bit daunted especially thinking that it will take a massive chunk of the year and potentially chance the way I view and interpret my work. Really exciting options from, South Korea, work experience, road trips, figurative modelling, outlining a business plan and looking into being a Doctor, all in which I need to pick in just a few days. Options, options, options…


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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