Resuming Ideas

After all my intense research and ideas and exploration of materials and processes, I wanted to produce a final outcome that could resume those ideas; however, could still have its doors open to further be developed in the next academic year.

I have been looking at ideas around perception and how we view the world around us, especially visual culture and how the individual might interpret it. Playing around with ideas of beauty and functionality and how they impact each other has been a major concern of mine.

I began this project by looking in charity shops for objects that perhaps ideas could develop and managed to find this little gem. I decided to look at a single object as a way of visually creating a series of objects that could explore the ideas I was trying to convey.

I initially explored these ideas by drawing what I like to call ‘visual dilution’, by keeping the essence of design and removing what perhaps might be deemed as not necessary. But to what extent does functionality rely on beauty? Do these objects need to be functional? just because it has an apparent affordance does that turn it functional? At this point, I still think I have more questions than answers; however, i think the progress I am doing is heading on the right direction and could potentially be developed even further throughout my degree. An object might have multiple purposes or even no purpose at all, and its up to who interacts with the object to perceive its affordances and its uses, something that both J. Gibson (1979) and D. Norman (1988) have research around the ideas of afforadnces, something that I explored on my Constellation essay. In contrast Bauhaus goes to argue thatĀ form should always reflect and enhance function, utility comes first. Which in my opinion might be put in debate as not everything we do really need a functional purpose.

On the making of these pieces I gradually incremented each single one differently, solely dependent on the previous piece, as if the last one was the original piece, the most authentic. Some ideas were connected to the keynote lecture ‘ The Image World’ by Jonathan Clarkson. The way images are made and used are changing and the changes not only affect the way we understand art and other forms of imagery that are being made now, but they affect all the imagery that has ever been made, because all gets plod through these technology on its way towards us, so images are endlessly modified and perceived in new contexts. Bellow, you can see the gradualĀ modificationĀ and perception each single object has.

I wanted to play around with the surface in a similar way by using both decals and gold lustre to illustrate my ideas starting with my initial found object. By using negative space, interpretation of drawing and painting from 2D to 3D and vice versa.

Kiln is firing now, so need to wait two more days for these gems to come out. Can’t wait.


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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