We were made aware by Duncan the importance of designing and customizing our own tools according to our own practice. Its great having store-bought tools which does the job, however sometimes they come to a price and often we just need a specific tool to deal with that particular job. Often tools can be produced cheaply and with the great wood and metal workshops facilities at CSAD these can be produced in no time. Well that’s if you’re not called Spencer or Jaejun Lee which their tools personifies and embodies their own work, and in a way their tools are a work of art.

We were taken around the wood department by Duncan to see some basic wood tools being produced plus health and safety precautions and the importance and properties of different wood types.

It was amazing how a few simple cuts and a bit of sanding created a good quality tool in which Duncan skillfully used to throw a few pots.

A few weeks later we had the opportunity to have inductions on both wood and metal workshops and I feel confident to go at the start of next year and produce a few depending of my needs. However, will probably only spend a day in that metal workshops, as its apparent that everything in there can kill you, but with all the health and safety precautions I should still have all my fingers by the end of my degree.


Managed to produce this bad boy on my first time at the workshop which I was quit pleased with. Could do with a few improvements but not bad for my first time. Could see potentially producing a set of these as usually they are so expensive and I could produce it to my desired size and shape.


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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