Exploring Surface Decoration

When it comes to decorate and work on the surface of my work, the possibilities are endless and often I don’t know where to start from. Sgraffito, stamps, inlay, slip decoration, oxides, glaze, decals, lustre and not only that but different kiln atmospheres affect the surface in a range of ways. This year I have been exploring a range of techniques and learing how to mix glazes and slips, however, I find it quite hard to contextualize my glazes with my work, often I rather work with slips and decals in a more illustrative way of decorating my work as it’s a more reliable way to get what you want to achieve, but perhaps this could be changed coming to next year by further researching glazes.

This year I learned the importance of recording your results and recipes on a book to keep track of what is happening with glazes and keep improving them.

Yes, because at the beginning of this year I didn’t have many successful outcomes but I persisted in improving and retrying and re-testing my  glazes and managed to fire a few kilns on my own until I got some nice glazes and even manage to grow some crystals on a crystalline glaze by Kate Malone.

I also worked on the surface other than using just glaze. For example the workshop with Anne Gibbs using mono printing techniques, plus workshops with Matt and Caroline using slips, sgraffito and decals, the possibilities are just endless and you can see how immersive you can get studying ceramics.


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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