Visual Dilution

Don’t you often have so many ideas and you don’t know where to start from and you end up lost. Speaking with Duncan about grouping of objects, looking at identity and how form is affected by space in relationship to each other.  Its about altering the physical space that they occupied and how that then forces us to see at these sets differently and how they identify at each other.

“Vitrines hold space as well as objects… They seem to still a part of the world and suspend activity, pause the movement that attends the life of things… Vitrines are part of what I do, not a frame for what I make.” – Edmund de Waal

Looking at the work of Susan Nemeth and Virginia Leonard and relationships between drawing/painting and three dimensional work has really got me motivated and having a tutorial with Pete has clarified some of my thought with some of my previous ideas.

I had this idea how could our train of though or our visual perception be diluted from one form to another. How much does a drawing dilute our perception of the object?

The premises of this idea plays a bit with the thought of how a drawing taken from one of these grouping be transformed onto another piece of work. Does scale matter? To which point forms start joining forms? Will surface be affected by drawing? How is space in relationship to the objects affected by this? I like the idea of having little conversations between drawing and sculpture and to which extent will my last piece be diluted from the original.

Really intrigued by the work Gordon Baldwin and relationship of drawing and sculpture


“If there is a vessel there, you would imagine it”



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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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