Tea for Two – Final Tea Set


And our final tea set that me and the amazing Emily have constructed is finally complete. So, do I love it? Hate it? I really like the key concepts we touched upon and it was a great opportunity to be part of a team where equal parties contributed to the development of this set. We initially had two weeks to build the tea set and two weeks to work on the surface and glaze it, so being in a tight schedule made us rush a few aspects of our tea set especially the surface and how it could of been much more developed exploring patterns and textures, bringing a bit more from Anne Gibbs workshop’s skills as well as looking more into imagery that could reflect Emily more. When we finished our tea set, we got to know ¬†that our deadline got extended to the end of the term, which could of been a great opportunity to explore those technique and glaze testing; however, having short deadlines is great in a way to make us think outside of the box, having solutions to problems and finding ways around things.

Opening the kiln is always a surprise,we always expect one thing (sometimes this, too good of an object to be true Рa gem of a piece) and you will get a few pieces that are alright, and some that are just completely atrocious (some of which we learn to love). During the glazing process we wanted to add a black glaze to the inside of some of our vessels (adding 10% black oxide to a clear earthenware glaze Рstupidly without any tests before hand) and as you see by the pictures the horrendous  burnt caramel graze. But compared with our mug that has a massive crack around the base, which lefts us heart broken when we found out by pouring some lovely mango infusion tea in it and it just leaked.

Luckily we had a spare mug, so I am still joining the rest of the group on the tea party at the end of the term.

Overall, really enjoyed working on this project, Tea for Two.¬†Let’s say group work is not my favourite thing in the whole world, but it really depends on the people we work with, and Emily was a great partner in crime. Of course there is always ups and downs with loads of compromise but its always helpful when we are stuck on something and there is someone to support our ideas and help us develop them together. I feel that over this project, I got to know a bit more about¬†Emily through our conversations and now that we have our tea set we can always have a cup of tea and keep our conversations going learning about each other.

And now, that this project is over or in other words concluded, how can I develop or look into some keys aspects of our research into developing it even further which I could possibly carry it into our Field project, There’s many a slip.


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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