Presentation – Who’s the Winner?

At 4 pm we were asked to come back to the Illustration room to show our final videos of our kickstarter project to the rest of the groups  (8 in total) as well as to the Director of Enterprise (seems fancy) and do some Q&As, and got to know it was a competition.

I was actually excited to see everyone’s ideas due to the time scale we had to produce them and I must say I was really impressed with ideas around the room. Some ideas really impressed me and could have big potentials of becoming real things. My vote went to the Selfie team and I absolutely loved their idea, it consisted of making some sort of public art piece involving a selfie from people of Cardiff, something that could potentially be lost and making it permeant using clay around the city, so well done team Ady.

So after all the presentation were done everyone had their vote for which project they thought was the best, so they counted all the votes and started to announce who got the most votes and guess you came on top? Us, team Light It. We were all completely shocked with the result and very happy as there were such good ideas around the room. The Director of Enterprise also commented that our idea could have potential to have success around the world as an interactive sustainable idea which left us really happy.

We didn’t end up with figures as to how much its would cost us or how much each investor/backer would get but I guess with a bit more time and a bit more research much more could be accomplished and perhaps become a reality.

Winners (Larrisa, Jessica and Me) and amazing trophy



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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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