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We discussed how would we present our ideas on the video this morning and we initially thought maybe recording us at dawn with a bike down the taff trail and include some information and concept behind our idea, but nahh, we quickly dismissed that idea as we would like to make a more artsy video so decided to do an animation. Larissa said it would be easier for her to do an animation on illustrator, something neither me or Jessica had any experience with. We kind off settled down with that idea for like 10 minutes but then I thought, firstly, it wouldn’t be fair at all for Larissa to do all the work and secondly, the whole idea of this project is about collaboration so everyone’s input on the final piece was essential. So after that we thought on doing a stop-motion where we could either include some voice over or video of us talking about our concept and it would be a great opportunity for us to put our skills into practice. So we decided to crack on with the animation where we created the set with paper and little clay props and characters and done the animation at the animation studio, which I must tell you that I need to return to that place and play around with all the gadgets they had there, it was something that interested me. We also recorded Jessica with her lab suit explaining the whole concept of our project with a simple demonstration with one of Jon Pigott (Artist Designer: Maker) lights that was light up with pressure. Then the amazing Larissa edited the video together using both Istopmotion and premiere pro and I must tell you the simple touch of putting sound on, just changes the whole thing.


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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