Building a Mug

I believe working on the tea pot first was essential before we started building our mugs as it gave a deeper insight to each others personalities and preferences. The simple fact of how Emily likes her tea was crucial to me as it allow me to think of the size and shape of the mug I intended to build her. Black loose tea with milk (bleehh) on a massive mug. So in addition to the mug I thought I could build her a little pitcher for her milk.

When it got to build the mug I continued to use coiling as it had a sense of continuity  to the tea pot taking into consideration shape and form and how that translated Emily’s essence. She told be she wanted a large mug for tea; a large mug she will get. If anyone doesn’t know Emily, her aims and ambitions are to be happy and have fun, so I better make her a good mug.

Some of our coiled vessels to choose from

Pinterest Page Looking at Patterns/Texture/Textiles

When I think of Emily superficially, I see this strong crazy Ikea woman covered on layers and layers of textured wool and over sized jumpers. I though I could incorporate this aspect into her mug perhaps but adding fabric around it. Combustibles?

Jackie Abrams’ vessels symbolically refer to women’s bodies as containers of shared experiences and individual stories, which shape and hold the content of their lives. They speak of the importance of the women in my life, of their strengths and sorrows, their growth and joys. So similarly she is also characterising and symbolising people through materials and forms.


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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