Building our Tea Pot

We decided to start building our tea pot first as this would give us the chance of working together alongside having conversations with each other, getting to know a bit more about each other.

We used coiling (even though, Emily complain a bit on the beginning) as our technique of choice as it gave the opportunity to work collaboratively as it involved a bit more of us equally in our input with the contruction of the tea pot with our identity, mark, trace, personality and preferences. Something that would be a bit chaotic if we probably tried throwing (yes, we tried it-didnt work).


We thought perhaps each one having a set task done separately and when joining the pieces how would that affect the overall look. Looking at Ashram Hanna’s work, how does different shapes and forms affect each other? Forms emerging from forms. Different identities and ideas arising from each other. Emily tends to have more of a fluid form where as me I work more on simplified raw line. The simple fact of how fast we work, how would that affect the overall visual? Even though an interesting concept we would rather build the tea pot together, talking, having conversations coming up with solutions and perhaps each one could building a mug for the other based on their interpretation and what we have learned about the other.

We filmed the making of the tea pot and on it self turned a bit on a performance piece, a ritual. Metaphorically and interestingly enough is as if we having a tea party, but in the making, doing what like someone does when they having Tea for Two, conversations, chatting, sharing and is something personal for both me and Emily.

Throughout the making, even tho you can’t hear us ( point it being quite intimate and personal) we are engaging with each other, me talking about about my childhood stories and her about her cats. We also come to points were we argued with each other, coming together on a solution, me tapping on a side and then there she is just behind me undying what I just done.

Conclusively, really happy with the shape of our tea pot that we built. Next step is to build each other a mug and grabbing ideas and idealisations of each other learned through the making of the tea pot, how can we translate each others identity and stories to a personal thing such as the tea cup. Size, shape, form, structure, decoration, all crucial aspects to consider.


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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