Hey Clay Day

On the 4th December the National Centre for Ceramics Studies, Wales engaged with the Crafts Council Hey Clay Day, a national celebration of the magnificence of clay and the chance to unleash our inner potter. Over 70 venues hosted free events where thousands of people rolled up their sleeves and got creative with clay and we were one of them.

The Ceramics department carefully chose the nature of our event to be one that bought people together and demonstrated how working with the earth can reassert our connection to it and with each other.  

Throughout the day we had a range of activities were people were invited to participate. The amazing and talented (and CSAD Ceramics graduate) Iogen Higgins who stole the day with with her sculptural cob oven and lecture explaining the versatility and significance of the techniques/approach across the globe.

Amazing Grand Designs Episode:

Also other activities include Jen Hawthorn’s large scale sculpture teaching us her techniques of coiling which she learned in Sweden.

Jessica Dent and Mikky Saunby ran a workshop teaching the rudiments of building your own cob oven, with methods researched and tested over the summer by Ellie Cooper, which you can see on the photos, the range and the beauty of each oven which could potentially be scaled up for cooking pizza.

Had to include these haha

Had an amazing day, truly inspiring and proactive experience that brought people together  to celebrate the mucky stuff we are essentially made out off and can’t live without.


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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