Fenella Elms

One of my biggest inspiration throughout my practice as a ceramicist is Fenella Elms. I came across her work while doing my A-levels and since then she has played a massive roll on my creative outcome.

Fenella Elms’ porcelain wall mounted pieces are aking pieces that alter in pattern or give an illusion of movement and depth by using clay’s potential for creating surface texture and building sculptural dimension. I love the idea of having single elements transform into one single unit as if there is a breeze blowing across a field.

I have taken inspiration in natural forms using the same principal as Fenella Elms in previous work. And similarly the work of Belgian ceramicist, Jeanne Opgenhaffen, visually evoke that sense of movement my the use of repetition, geometry, colour.

I went to the Ceramics Art London 2015 and finally met Fenella Elms, and it was a great opportunity and experience to see her work in person and talk to her. She touches the points in which I’m interested in ceramics, the process and stages clay goes through, from liquid as slip to malleable, breakable to finally hard,fine and sharp.

While at the Ceramics Art London event it was amazing to see other practitioners there including our very own Cardiff Metropolitan Graduates, JongJin Park and Jin Eui Kim. Other notorious faces included Peter Beard, Ashraf Hanna and Christiane Wilhelm.

Something that still hast stopped from amazing me is the endless possibilities this essential primitive material that is clay can brings.


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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