IKEA: Development of Ideas,Decals Photoshop: Matt Leighfield

The whole idea of tradition, culture, branding, whats real and whats not has been playing on my mind and i began to think on how i could introduce these into decals.

I started to look into logos of branded teas; bold, straight to the point. Some pretty famous brads, PG Tips, Twinings and Lipton. Visual culture imagery that tells the viewers what I’m talking about. After, collecting some logos, I started to get quite a few comments on my work as perhaps not being exhibited due to copyright issues, and this of course didn’t leave me completely satisfied. Why can’t I just present an idea I have?Copyright? I call it horse crap. But in a way, I probably wouldn’t like someone to just copying my work with out my consent. So maybe I was being a bit selfish. Or is it just me? Looking back at the whole idea of English teas not really being British, where is the whole reference/copyright of other teas being basically substituted by something that we think is British.

Continuing with the tea logos, I looked into food/coffee chains (Costa, Pret A Manger, McDonalds) and supermarket stores (Tesco, ASDA) that either had their own tea brands  or sold teas from other brands which is particular more common in supermarkets. This interested me as perhaps is not obvious I’m talking about tea and its the whole idea of hipping something.

Tacking the copyright issue into account, I started to experiment with the different tools in Photoshop (Im literally not any good with this technology malarkey) and began mixing logos together, and really started to like the results as then we couldn’t note what logo it was and once again something being hidden away and reclusive. A lie? Unknown?

Finally, I collected images of some countries outlines that produce tea and maybe if you are not a geography  expert (such as me) you couldn’t really tell what these lines meant or perhaps what country it was as these are not placed proportionally.

Im still not completely sure as to how I’m going to add these to my mugs (or if I have enough) but I’m thinking on adding them by categories. Below you can see the whole sheet of my decals and how i filled every inch and cranny with an image, even if not for this project i can use them in the future. And in fact for it being quite expensive to print and many people not opting to do them due to pricing, but thinking that these could perhaps be in an exhibition and possibly be sold one day I felt that it was an investment really. Decal

Notes from Photoshop session:

Company: Digital Ceramics

Website: http://www.digitalceramics.com

  • Image Resolution Minimum 300dpi
  • Max Print: 30×43 cm
  • Actual Sheet Size: 32×45 cm
  • Files Accepted: jpegs or pdfs

Photoshop: Creating New Document:

  • File
  • New
  • Set to International Paper
  • W: 45 cm
  • H: 32 cm
  • R: 300 ppi
  • CM: CMYK Colour

Margins of 1 cm:

  • View
  • New Guide
  • 1 cm Vertical                 44 cm Vertical
  • 1 cm Horizontal           31 cm Horizontal


  • File
  • Save As
  • Format either jpeg or pdf
  • Max quality 12

Colour Spectrums: http://www.digitalceramics.com/perch/resources/dcs-ceramic-red-and-magenta-colour-spectrums-3.pdf


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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