Applying the Decals

Experimenting with decals that were provided to us, changing body and creating different creatures

We had a quick induction with Caroline as to how to apply our decals onto ceramic ware. It is a bit more complicated than what I first though as decals will not adhere properly if placed on top of each other, so it is a bit fiddly. When you were younger did you ever feel like a gangster and apply those fake water tattoos that came with your crisps? (we had them in Portugal – cool i know) Well basically those ‘tattoos’ are applied the same way as the decals but instead onto ceramics.

This only works if you have a pre fired and glazed ceramic piece. Works best if applied to flat surfaces but will work as well on curved surfaces but will require a bit more time to place them. To apply them, first of all, you clean the surface you want the application to be and then submerge the decal you want on water and leave it there for a few minutes until it separates from the decal paper. When this happens, place it on the ceramic piece and with a rubber kidney try and remove the maximum amour of water that is trapped underneath the decal. This will prevent any bursts on the decal as steam is produced. You should allow around 24 hours before it goes onto a firing between 800-840°C.

With the opportunity of producing your own decals and with these having the advantage of looking realistic, I had the idea of how would someone react if they found a bug, spider on a piece of work. It is just an initial idea but that could possibly evolve into something bigger. Probably is an idea i would like to that into my ‘There’s many a slip’ project.


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BA (Hons) Final Year Ceramics student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Love experimenting with material and techniques and work on a range of medium.

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